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I have a wood table and cabinet with round headed borers. I took the wood off my lot. A couple of trees were damaged during a storm and they were perfect for this furniture so used them not realizing the borers were still alive or active. Now I’m seeing exit holes and sawdust and I’m afraid my house is getting infested. Do I need to burn these pieces or can I save them somehow? And what about trees that are infested? Is there anyway of treating them too?

Round headed borers commonly infest live trees and in most cases will die off when the tree dies. But this could take some time and if these are actually some other species, it is entirely possible they’ll migrate to other wood in the home. You didn’t mention if the piece is finished or not and this factors into the decision on whether to save it or trash it.

If the pieces have unfinished sections, treating with BORACARE as explained in our WOOD BEETLE CONTROL article will take care of the current infestation and protect the wood from future problems. Boracare needs to be applied to unfinished wood in order to penetrate through and through so if the pieces are completely finished, you’ll have to decide whether removing the finish to treat and save the piece is worth the time and effort. If not, you may want to discard infested pieces and start anew.

As for any live trees with activity; there are a couple of treatment options that will both control current round headed borers and help prevent the infestation from spreading to other trees. For trees currently showing activity (holes, chambers, sawdust, etc.), inject galleries and holes with PT-CYKICK AEROSOL. Following this you should spray the limbs and trunk with CYPERMETHRIN. The aerosol will kill live beetles and the Cypermethrin will both kill any it contacts as well as provide a month or two of residual so that new borers won’t be able to migrate onto any tree sprayed.

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