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Hi, I have small holes in my antique furniture. Will your jecta gel do the job? Will it have any effect on the walnut finish? Do I need to use this outside or also inside the furniture???

There are many species of beetles that might find your old furniture appealing. I’m assuming you mean the wood part of your furniture; if the problem is with the fabric of the piece you’ll need to refer to our CARPET BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE.

Now if your current problem involves the wood of your furniture, it’s most likely some kind of wood infesting beetle. There are many species that will eat most any kind of wood. Additionally, old damage can sometimes become quite obvious after it’s been able to sit out and dry through and through. Seeing holes doesn’t mean you have new activity but in many cases treating will be the right thing to do. This insures you won’t sustain extensive damage due to negligence and ignoring sure signs.

As explained in our POWEDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, the JECTA GEL is ideally formulated for treating small pieces of wood with a finish. Exit holes and newly drilled holes in discreet locations will many times enable you to get the wood treated without having the remove the old finish or patina. Jecta Gel will soak into the wood and from small injections you’re able to get a lot of wood effectively protected. When done properly, these applications won’t be visible.

Additionally, the treatment won’t have any adverse effect on the old finish. Jecta Gel is odorless and safe for the piece. It won’t pose a hazard to anyone that uses the furniture. And though you need to make placements throughout the piece, it won’t really matter if you treat from the “inside” or “outside”. If the piece is only 1-2 inches thick, a treatment from one side will do the job. Just pick discreet out of site sections to make the gel placements and you should get adequate coverage.

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