adult beetles dying around treated furniture


We bought some antiques from Europe /somewhere that appeared to have Pbeetles in them. Last year I treated the dresser with BORA-CARE both interior and exterior quite heavily. This spring we have had about 30 of the adults found around it on the floor. Is this because they are dying as they come out or are they dying after they re-infest the dresser.

My plan is to redo the treatment and also treat all the other antiques in the home as we have found a few bugs in other areas of the home where we have antiques.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I do have several high resolution scans of the critters if you would like to look at them or use them later. Send me your email address.

As you may have read in our POWDERPOST BEETLE ARTICLE, the third stage of these beetles won’t die from the BORACARE treatment. Since they can stay in this stage for a year or more, I strongly suspect they are what you’re finding around the treated piece. Based on the treatment already done, I don’t believe any will be able to reinfest or start new activity. What’s most likely occurring right now is that the emerging adults are picking up enough product combined with other factors which are in turn leading to their demise. If so, this would be a testament to the treatment you’ve done. Since adults don’t actually eat the wood, they many times won’t be affected and if they are, it will take a lot longer than normal to see the end result. This is true for any that land on treated wood, chew through it to start new nests or chew through it to escape their pupae casings. But if the application was thorough enough, there could be enough of an impact and it sounds like this may be happening here (which is great news!).

Still, based on the fact you mention you have other antiques in the home, we can’t rule out another source of these adults. I agree treating as many other pieces as you can would be a wise investment of time and cost. We currently have experienced an influx of new PPB species here in the states and some of these are fast acting. A little preventive maintenance can go a long way and since these treatments can last many years, if done right you should only have to make the one application to get long term protection.

One other thing; be sure to inspect the home for any rogue flyers that may be moving about the living spaces. Many times they will flock to light and a common place to find them will be by windows or certain light fixtures. I suggest you routinely inspect the home for any that might be accumulating somewhere as this would be a clear indication of something ongoing and in need of more attention.

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