pecan table with beetles

I have  a pecan table I just recently purchased that shows signs of active powder post beetle. The builder of the table is cooperative. He tried boric acid, but that didn’t do the trick. I’m in TX and we’re experiencing a number of days of below freezing temps. I put the table outside a couple of days ago. Will those freezing temps kill the bug and any larvae? the thickest pieces are about an inch.

I don’t thing this is a practical or permanent fix. Yes, it will probably kill off some larvae and adults. But eggs and pupae will live through extreme cold which is what their dormant stage is designed to endure. Once the piece is warm again, they’ll go about completing their life cycle and in the end, your problem will remain active as always.

To get rid of them for good, either inject the piece with JECTA GEL or strip it down and treat it with BORACARE. This will be a one time deal and surely get rid of them for good.

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