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Tree Borer

I am in desperate need of some advice, please! This is a Willow tree located near Brenham Texas about 90 miles NW of Houston Texas.  I have confirmed the other huge branch of this Willow tree has “flathead borers” and ½ the trunk broke off already…… I have discovered these little boogers!  Just beneath the bark you find these borers…..they start boring from their rear end while the head is hanging out.  I pulled a few OUT with effort and noticed they had bored in the tree about ¼ to ½ inch. What are these little boogers and how on earth do I kill them?  Keep in mind the other big branch has flat head borers. This Willow sits in front of the ranch house so I’d like to SAVE it! Also will these borers fly, move to other trees?  Please help as with in 3-4 weeks part of the other big branch has broken in half……..I’m just sick over this tree and want to save it so please send some advice/instructions. I thank you in advance.

There are many insects that will bore into trees. Flathead borers, pine borers, longhorn beetles – the list is never ending. Because there are so many it’s sometimes hard to know just which might be active – especially when looking at larval or young stages. Such is the case here. I’m not sure what you have boring but I’m sure of something that will take care of the problem immediately and save your willow.

Our CYPERMETHRIN is labeled for use on plants and trees for any type of wood beetle or borer. I’m sure it will quickly control anything you have in the tree as well as the flatheads you know are active. Saturate the trunk and branches where you see the activity. You can use a good PUMP SPRAYER to apply it but a HOSE END SPRAYER is easier. Be sure to treat any other trees you want to protect; a good coating of Cypermethrin will both repel and kill any that attempt to drill.

Lastly, consider keeping a can of PT-CYKICK around for spot treatments if needed. Any holes you see can be treated on the spot with a quick blast. It’s labeled for use on trees and will provide a quick kill should you find new activity in between liquid applications.

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