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What to use to fill the small beetles holes after the external house wall is treated. Please tell me the product name and from where to buy.

As explained in our POWDERPOST BEETLE ARTICLE, exit holes represent locations where emerging adults have exited or left wood. Commonly these are the first “signs” people notice that anything is wrong in the first place. Following a thorough treatment with the right product, these holes shouldn’t pose any problem in the future whether you choose to seal them up or leave them open. For many people, leaving them open is not an option; they just don’t like the cosmetic look of small holes in their siding or wood floor and feel they must patch it up before applying a new stain, paint or finish.

So to answer your question; there really isn’t any specific wood filler you should use. In general, we recommend using something that will work the best cosmetically. This means if you’re painting the wood it will be important the filler is receptive to a paint finish. But if the structure has a lot of wood siding like a log cabin, using wood dowels close to the same species might provide a better look compared to wood filler “out of a can”. In the end it’s really not that important “pest wise” so make your decision based on what will look the best for you.

Here is a direct link to our PPB article for reference:

Powderpost Beetle Article:

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