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Hi there! We had borers that left lots of big holes and channels in our old heart pine floor. Last summer we bought Boracare to treat the floor. We sanded the floor, taking off the polyurethane and then sprayed the Boracare on the floors – both top side and bottom (able to reach from the cellar) and refinished. I noticed this week we have new exit holes and a couple of channels. Need help. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. We can certainly treat floor again from the bottom but not sure about sanding it again. Please help. Thanks!

If you treated properly last summer, than what you’re seeing are most likely POST TREATMENT EXIT HOLES. This is a common phenomena relative to powderpost beetle treatments and in most cases, normal. The key here is whether or not you treated with enough BORACARE. So if you applied enough and the wood is now thoroughly impregnated with the material, any eggs that hatch larvae won’t be able to live. This is the important and why the right treatment will kill the infestation.

But as our article explains, any pupae in the wood when it’s treated cannot be killed so some will commonly hatch 6-12 months following the initial application and I suspect that’s what you have happening now. So should you do anything? Maybe.

Personally I know that these hatching adults can cause trouble. And since the most likely place for them to cause trouble will be the old infested wood from whence they came. So to insure they don’t have any success in this area, I’d treat with some PHANTOM. It’s easy to apply, odorless and won’t make a mess since it goes on “dry”. Give the holes a real quick squirt along with the cracks and crevices you’ll no doubt find in any wood floor. This will insure any eggs that get laid won’t thrive.

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