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I have a good amount of lumber, mostly cherry and walnut, that is infested with powder post beetles. I’m looking into treatment both professional and DIY methods. I am familiar with Boracare and Timbor, but have heard through the grape vine about funimagtion?? Is this a real possibility and does it work? Please email or call me with info, advice or any additional information or suggestions! Thank you.

Fumigation is definitely an option. It’s highly effective, fast to get done and for many situations the best way to go. However, it’s very expensive. I’m sure if you call around to local service companies that do fumigation, you’ll quickly find out that this kind of treatment routinely costs thousands. To tent a house is usually $10,000 and up. For small “container jobs”, it can still cost several thousand dollars. If the lumber is loose quantities of wood we’re talking about here, you’d probably have them done via a container fumigation. This is where the wood is moved into a semi type holding container where the process can be done safely. The container essentially keeps the material inside so there is no “tenting” needed.

Additionally, the fumigation treatment itself does not provide any residual. That means immediately after you remove the wood and bring it back to storage, it will be subject to reinfestation. For this reason alone many people will forego fumigating and instead choose a long lasting product like BORACARE and TIMBOR.

So since Boracare and Timbor can last several years, which do you use? There are two main things to consider regarding their differences. As explained in our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, Timbor doesn’t penetrate wood so it should not be used to control any current or active infestation. That means if in fact you have live powder post beetles, you’ll need to use the Boracare.

Another advantage Boracare has over Timbor is that it will penetrate up to 4 inches so you can treat logs that are 6-8 inches wide and still get positive results. And since the application can last several years, the wood will be protected for a long time after the treatment. Lastly, Boracare will absorb quickly and following the treatment, there is no clue anything was every used. On the other hand, Timbor will leave a white powdery residue that will be noticeable and unsightly. For fine hardwood like you mentioned I would not use Timbor.

Hope this helps and if you still have questioins, give us a call toll free. Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:



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July 16, 2013

Mark Bergthold @ 2:02 pm #

I think we have powderpost beetles in our kitchen cabinets – the residue on the counter is thin and approx 1/32″ long. Cabinets were installed as bare wood, then stained and sprayed with clear finish in 2005. We noticed residue on counter when we arrived home after a 3-wk vacation. Will Timbor work or should we let a professional handle?