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Hi, In your article you say the holes are the bugs leaving, where do they go?  I had a 5″ antique wood with painted enamel pocket watch holder in my china cabinet for a couple of years. Yesterday I happened to look at it & noticed many tiny holes & when I shook it dust fell out, should I be concerned that my china closed is infested & what product do I need to get rid of bugs for my fragile antique? Another article suggested to freeze item for 24 hours, what do you think? Hoping in advance you have a suggestion.  Thank you, C.

As explained in our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL article, maturing pupa will exit the wood where they fed as larva. Exit holes will be tiny and many times you’ll have several appear at the same time. Adults are looking to mate and lay eggs and if they’re not able to find similar wood compared to what they fed on, many times they’ll just die off and their effort will have been in vain. So to answer your question “where do they go”; the answer is generally close to where they just were active.

If it were my piece and I was wanting to still keep it, I would treat it with the CYKICK AEROSOL to insure there isn’t anything still active. Since this is such a small piece the treatment would most likely be able to penetrate enough to get any activity that might still be active in the wood. Though freezing could kill larva, it won’t kill the eggs and for that you need a residual product like the Baygon to be active so when the eggs hatch they will succumb to the material.

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