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Hello, Recently I ordered a cabinet that is made in Mexico.  It came from an American furniture store.  When the cabinet arrived it was wrapped in corrugated cardboard. I took that off and it looked like it was covered with fresh sawdust and it was damaged in shipping.  I sent it back for repairs and then the furniture store told me it had “bugs”.  They are replacing it but now my question is about my log home! I brushed off as much as I could before it came into the house.  Once inside I sprayed it with a cleaner.

How concerned do I need to be about these bugs which the funiture store says is the powderpost beetle?

I had it in my house for about a week.  If there are going to  be issues I need to address them now I believe.

Thank you in advance.

As explained in our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL article, powderpost beetles hatching from pupae cases will eat their way out of the wood where they have been living. This “eating out” process generates sawdust. Once they emerge, the adults will fly off looking for similar wood on which to find a mate and reproduce. In most cases, the wood needed will be wood that’s the same as the original wood. You don’t mention the type of wood the cabinet was made from so I’m not sure if there is any need to be concerned.

Additionally, you don’t mention if you saw live beetles or not. Chances are high there were several that emerged when the cabinet was in transit. If it was “wrapped” as you described, I suspect most of the newly emerging beetles would have either died, gotten out of the wrapping and into the local environment or stayed close to the cabinet on which they emerged. With this in mind, I don’t think there is much of  reason for you to be concerned at this time.

Lastly, there are other pests which can generate “sawdust” from wood. TERMITES (drywood) and CARPENTER ANTS just to name two; if you didn’t see any live insects it is quite hard for me to say with any certainty what created the sawdust you found when you opened the wrapping.

So in summary, let me know if you did in fact see anything other than the sawdust in your log home. If not, I would say there is little reason for alarm. But if you did note several insects migrating from the cabinet when you first opened it, I would say to give us call on our toll free so we can further advise. That number is 1.800.877.7290.

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