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I have white worms that are about an inch long. They have a brown head and a brown band just behind the head. I am finding them in some beams that are being used in my shed. They seem to be eating teh wood. i see alot of sawdust falling from where they’re active.What can kill them?

Old House Beetle Larvae

Old House Beetle Larvae

These look like Old House Borer Beetle Larvae. They commonly infest pine and many times will be found under the pine bark of pine trees. Since pine trees are commonly used in home construction, Old House Borers are frequently found in houses as explained in our POWDER POST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE. As these larvae move through the wood they are literally eating it so a some treating will be needed.

Though most people attempt to treat this problem by applying some BAYGON to the holes which are clearly seen, this rarely solves the problem. As explained in our article, these are mostly all exit holes. The real problem is undoubtedly where you can’t see. Beetle larvae could be through and through the wood so it’s always best to treat as much as possible with BORACARE. This product will penetrate the wood and thus get the larvae as they feed.

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