how long does boracare last


Great how to videos. Clearly this is for us. I am estimating that we would need 3 gallons to do our whole house outside. Since I would order a case, 4 gallons, I am wondering if the product would last unused for another 3-5 years until we redo it? If so, would it last only if unopened or could we tighly seal an opened gallon?


You would expect to get 5 years of stable storage time as long as you keep it in a dry environment like a basement where the temps won’t be too extreme in one direction or the other. The big key is making sure it doesn’t freeze or get too hot. That being said, it’s generally not a bad idea to use more instead of less and if you’re thinking you’re going to be using at least 3 gallons, applying a little more over the same area in the form of one more gallon won’t hurt.

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