how fast do wood beetles spread

We have one spot in the piece of wood holding up a shelf in our year old china cabinet.  The furniture store wants to come and get it right away, but the piece has been discontinued and we haven’t found anything else we like.  How fast to the beetles spread?  Will they stay in this one piece or since it has been in our house  for a year, is it likely they have already infested other items?  We would like to try jacto gel, but are worried about the investation spreading.  If we only have this one spot, so tiny we can’t even see the exit hole, how far have they spread by now?  Are inches infested or less than an inch?  We could drill some tiny holes to get more gel into the area.
Thank you!

If you read through our POWDERPOST BEETLE ARTICLE, you’ll learn that the holes you’re finding are in fact caused by adults leaving an area which has activity. Now if you treat the wood with either the JECTA GEL or the BORACARE we have listed in our article, these adults won’t be able to use any of the cabinet for new nest sites. More importantly, the treatment will soak into the wood and kill any larvae that might be in there eating.

Now is it possible for the emerging adults to relocate to another area in the home? Yes. But as our article explains, these guys are typically wood specific. That means unless you have wood in the home which is the same kind as the china cabinet, it’s not likely the foraging adults will have any luck trying to start a new colony. The odds are them being able to lay eggs on anything wood and having the hatching larvae live is very low unless it matches the wood type used for the cabinet.

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