handhewn beams with beetles


We built a house 4 years ago and purchased some handhewn beams taken from an old barn.  They were supposedly treated before we received them.  After receiving them, we had them stained and put in our great room.  Over the past few months I have noticed evidence of beetles.  My question is can Bora care be used on stained beams?

BORACARE can be applied to most any wood that will accept it. Unfortunately, the very same chemicals that tend to protect wood will work against the very thing Boracare needs to do to be effective: penetrate. In fact that’s what stain and sealant is supposed to do; keep out water and moisture. So that means if the beams were stained properly with a quality product, it’s possible they’re protected too well right now to get a good result without first removing the stain. But first you need to check.

To test the state of the finish, spray a little water on it. Note if the water beads up and drips or if it soaks right in. And remember, Boracare can penetrate several inches from one side. That means if you have just one untreated side on the beam, it could be all you need to get the job done.

Additionally, make sure it’s the beams that have the problem and not some other wood attached to it. You don’t mention if you’re finding exit holes and if you’re seeing the fine powder, there must be some holes close by too. Make sure you find them so you know you’re targeting the infested wood and not missing anything.

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