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I have a decorative grapewood display on my wall and today I found a larva of some sort beneath it, evidently had fallen out. I looked at the branch directly above it and there were 3 holes.  The larva was about 3/4 inch long, off-whitish with a wide head, very puffy.  I found what I think are dead powder post beetles in a basket below with sawdust.  My question is this:  I would like to treat this decorative piece of 50 year old grapewood with all of its interesting holes, etc.  I just want to ensure that I can get rid of its current inhabitants for good.  What would you use to treat this?

I would do one of three things. It would all depend on the size, shape and finish of the item. Since you didn’t provide details regarding any of these variables, I’ll list all three suggestions based on general guidelines which I’ll include. From this information you should be able to “fit” the best treatment option and proceed with a course of action.

If the piece is mostly unfinished and likely to absorb water, I’d go with the standard BORACARE treatment. It would no doubt be the most efficient, thorough and complete solution.

If the piece is finished on more than one side making it more difficult to use the Boracare, I’d consider the JECTA GEL.

Lastly, if the piece is thin, finished and mostly untreatable using either of the above options, I’d go for the “fumigation” approach. If the piece is large and worth a lot of money, paying a professional would be a viable option. But if the piece is small, say smaller than the average refrigerator, I’d consider getting a PEST STRIP and fumigating it yourself. You’ll have to seal up the piece in plastic nice and tight along with the Pest Strip. Next, you’ll need to leave it in there for a week at a time and lastly, you’ll need to do the treatment every two months for a year to insure you knock out all remnants of the problem. But if you stay the course you should be able to kill all active stages and chances are high they’ll hatch out at some point over the course of a year. In theory you should get through all that inhabit the piece and get it pest free using this method.

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