cedar boards with exit holes

I just brought home a load of old barn boards and  piled the load next to another load of cedar boards about 75 yards from my house, with the intent of building a shed.  Then I noticed all the tiny exit holes and fresh sawdust.  Should I burn all the barn boards?  Is there any chance the powderpost beetles will infest my cedar boards (which are also older with stain on one side)?  Is there any chance I carried any of the nasty little guys into my home on my clothing?

Thank you for your help.

Of course you can burn all the boards. Personally I feel this would most definitely be overkill and not needed but would it get rid of any active beetles? For sure!

As for any chance of them getting into your other stack of barn wood? Yes, it could happen. As our article explains, exit holes are pupae hatching adults which are emerging seeking a mate and a good place to lay some eggs.

As for any concern about bringing them into your home on your clothing; this is highly unlikely and even if you did, there is little to no chance of them finding a suitable location in your home on which to live. These guys thrive outside and in most cases only get inside because lumber or furniture is brought into a home with an active infestation.

Now if you feel the wood is something you want to save, applying BORACARE to any lumber you’d like to protect would no doubt solve the problem. This process would be easy to do with the wood in it’s current state and afterward you’d have some very interesting lumber that would no doubt have a unique look to it.

Here are links to the Boracare and our on line article which discusses in great detail all you need to know about this insect.

Boracare:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/liquid/boracare-gal

Powderpost Beetle Control:  http://www.powderpostbeetles.com/powderpost-beetle-control

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