bore holes and powder in hardwood floors

Our house was built in 2006.  Every year since then, around this time of year, we’ve noticed the bore holes and powder in our hardwood floors.  It seems to be localized to the kitchen only. Last year and 1 time so far this year, we were able to catch the beetle.  It looks like a Powderpost Beetle.  We have about 7 holes in our floors.  I SO worried about this.  Is there anything that can be done short of pulling up the floors and replacing them?  Our floors are in great shape otherwise.

You have two options. You could simply remove the finish on the hardwood floors and treat them with the BORACARE listed in our HARDWOOD FLOOR TREATMENT section of our article. As you’ll learn, this would most definitely take care of them and in the process, help you to avoid excessive cost, work and frustration.

Your second option would be to rip up and remove the existing floors and install new ones. However, you will still need to treat. This will insure you don’t have a problem with the new floors being installed. As our article explains, this pest is quite commonly found in most any kind of wood flooring and the only way to insure you don’t have them is to treat the wood prior to applying any kind of stain or sealant.

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