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Very helpful website! I have a powderpost beetle problem in a table we had fabricated (they were probably already in the wood). We didn’t notice the surface holes, and now about 3 inches off a top edge is gone. Our plan, per your advice, is to sand off the existing layers of Tung Oil. Apply Boracare everywhere. Then reapply the layers of tung oil. Two questions:

(1) For a table 12′ x 2′ how many gallons do we need to do the top and bottom (I assume 1). But do we need to do multiple coats?

(2) How long do we want after applying Boracare before re-applying the Tung Oil?

Thanks for your help! Harry

Thanks for the positive comments! As for how much product you’ll need; you don’t need an entire gallon of BORACARE to get the job done for the area you have to treat. In fact, 1/4 gallon would probably be enough to do the job. But to be on the safe side, I’d mix up 1/2 gallon of concentrate and 1/2 gallon of water (which would make a full gallon of finished product to apply) and use it all. This will require 2-3 coats per side spaced at least 30-60 minutes apart depending on how long it takes to absorb. A thorough treatment like this would be ideal and should resolve any problem now and indefinitely. Rare is the time someone has access to an entire piece like you will so take advantage of the position you’re in and get these beetles knocked out for good while you can.

Regarding the cure or dry time for the Boracare; 72 hours is the minimum amount of time one should wait before doing any kind of surface treatment to the treated wood. In this case, I’d recommend waiting longer if possible. Generally speaking, if you’ve applied more product than normal during your treatment, the wood will typically take a bit longer to cure. Now if you’re storing it in a dry, cool place which has AC, the humidity should be low. This will enable the product to penetrate extra fast and cut the cure time down. But if it was my wood, I’d wait till the wood surface was nice and dry and then add at least 2 days to the wait. This should bring you to at least 72 hours but waiting 5-7 days won’t hurt.

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