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I bought some 8/4 x 10 hit/miss red oak to smooth up and use in furniture but had to store it in my garage for a year.  Found the dust, then the 3/32 holes along most of the edges, but also on some surfaces where contact was complete.  Now I’m wondering if the larvae reside in the hole where the bug  exited. If so, which product could I use on them?  I don’t want to stain the oak so am wondering if the products leave some apparent mark of treatment.

Thank you.

If you read through our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn the holes you’re finding are in fact exit holes. Larvae which have pupated are now drilling their way out so they can seek a mate and reproduce. Females will seek good wood on which to lay eggs. They’ll try to do so in a protected area of the wood they choose like under  it’s bark, in any cracks they can find or in old exit holes from whence they emerged.

To prevent the cycle from continuing, you’ll need to treat with BORACARE. Mind you this treatment will not kill the emerging pupae but it will make the wood “inedible” to any hatching larvae should pregnant females lay eggs on your stock. When done properly, this treatment is much akin to spraying the lumber with water; it will look “wet” for a day but then dry as the treatment is absorbed by the wood and cures. In the end the wood will look as it did before being treated.

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Powderpost Beetle Control Article:


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November 30, 2011

Dennis McNally @ 5:12 pm #

When treating lumber to be used for furniture, should you treat the lumber with BoraCare before it is milled or mill it first then treat with BoraCare? This is all 8/4 or larger so I do not believe a kiln will kill any active pbb. Will the milling spread the pbb ? Am I better off using all my lumber for firewood? If the wood can be saved, can I use an oil finish over the BoraCare? I have approximately 500 bd foot with minimal signs of pbb. Maybe 20 exit holes in all of it. Thanks for any advise you may be able to give.


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