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We have a newly built palapa in Oaxaca, Mexico. There is already an active beetle infestation in the bamboo to which the palm fronds are tied. Would a topical treatment help? It would have been best to soak the bamboo vertically in borates, but I was unable to find anyone who could or would take on the project. Thanks for any advise. Marci

If you’re wanting to treat the bamboo with some BORACARE, this treatment will no doubt help. And you’re right; soaking it before it was used in construction would have been ideal but obviously that’s not an option at this time. So for now, to get the best treatment possible, I would consider injecting the Boracare inside the bamboo. The FOAM INJECTOR is perfect for this kind of treatment. It will turn the mixed Boracare/water solution into a shaving cream type foam which will ensure the innards of the bamboo gets uniformly covered for better results.

Treating the outside of the bamboo will also help as long as it’s not finished with some kind of sealant that would effectively block the Boracare from penetrating.

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October 28, 2011

jay @ 7:15 pm #

I am trying to treat some millwork at my house in Sayulita. Did you find Boracare in Mexico? Is it available, and if so what did you find?

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