oak hutch with dust piles

Oh where to start, I have a log home, my husband bought me a hutch homemade from oak, since we’ve had it i’ve always noticed little dust like piles around it. thought nothing of it until the piles became little mounds. this was beginning of june in which u stated that thats when they “come Out”… now i am seeing alot of black bugs that are also possibly the adult ppbeetle. i know u suggest the boracare, but since i have a log home is my house completely infested? what should i do?

First, it’s not likely your entire house is “completely infested” so you can relax. But if you read our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn this pest won’t magically leave and go away unless you do some treating. BORACARE would in fact be the way to go and based on your description of the problem, I would advise you treat ASAP to insure the hutch doesn’t continue to sustain any more damage.

As our article explains, the beetles leaving are going to try and mate to lay eggs so there is always a risk of new activity starting elsewhere. But the two things you didn’t mention was if the beetles were appearing in other areas of the home and if the log home is made with oak like the hutch. My guess is the bulk of the beetles you’re seeing are dead and most of any that are still alive are close to the hutch. I’m also going to guess your log home isn’t made from oak but I have seen some built with this hardwood so it does happen. The point here is that the beetles leaving your hutch would be seeking hardwood and unless you’ve got a lot of other pieces located in the home made with oak, the odds are low that a new population will start up elsewhere.

At this point I suggest you treat with the Boracare and focus your attention on the hutch. A good couple of coats and you should be able to knock out the current infestation thus preserving the piece for a good long time and prevent these ppbeetles from spreading elsewhere.

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