beetle larvae identification


A carpet beetle perhaps?


Based on where it was located and it’s overall appearance and movement, I would say it’s a VARIED CARPET BEETLE. Finding any could be reason to do a treatment since it most likely emerged from an egg which was laid in the carpet. And if there was one egg in the carpet, there is no doubt more. This would mean eventually there will be more larvae hatching and as our article explains, the larvae do nothing but eat and eat. If left unattended, they’ll no doubt do a lot of damage to anything fabric. Initial infestations can go unnoticed when feeding in carpeting but once they move on to furniture and clothing, their feeding can become quite noticeable.

I also recommend setting out CARPET BEETLE TRAPS around the home and at least treating the carpeting with some INSECT GROWTH REGULATOR. It will stop any larvae from fully developing and does a good job of breaking the life cycle of this pest. Keep in mind the Insect Growth Regulator is not an adulticide which means it won’t impact any adults you may have in the area. To kill them, add some PERMETHRIN 10 to the tank mix with the Insect Growth Regulator. It’s odorless and can handle adults. But in the long run, the Growth Regulator will prove the most effective since it breaks the cycle.

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