large black bugs in log bed

I keep finding these large black bugs with long tenticles in my bedroom. My brother made me a homemade log bed about 2 months ago and ever since I set it up these bugs have been present. What do I do how do i get rid of them? Here are some recent photo’s I took.

Looks like you have some type of Long Horn beetle which are also known as sawyers, pine sawyers and conifer beetles. We had several native species of Long Horn Beetles here in the states forever and in recent years (I think since 2000 or so) an Asian species was discovered and found around the country. Suspected of coming over with all the recent products we get from that region, these guys are quite large, quick growing and extremely mobile. They’re a real pest in China – especially on Poplar trees. Here in the states they’re being watched carefully as it’s thought they could be a real problem once established. They’ve been found in many states already and in many species of trees so it’s unclear to what extent they’ll infiltrate for the time being. The net result of their damage could be substantial but it’s just too early to tell.
The good news is anything that penetrates wood like our Boracare will work at controlling any kind of long horn beetle. If you’re inclined to save the bed and the wood has unfinished sides to it, you can treat with BORACARE as described in our article here:

Alternatively, the JECTA GEL could be used by injecting it into holes you create by drilling out the wood as explained on the gel label. This might be the better option if the piece has a fancy finish and you weren’t wanting to remove it to enable to good Boracare treatment. Some time after treating with Jecta gel you could opt to seal the holes.

The good news is that long horn beetles don’t bite but they are creepy to say the least. And they can grow quite large as you probably already know. Let me know if you have any more questions but if the bed is well made and something you wish to save and preserve for the future, you do have some options and treatments that will work.

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