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I have these beetles in southern yellow pine timbers that frame a door opening inside my house. I finished these timbers with a clear acrylic finish which I have no problem sanding off to remove. If I do that, can I use Borocare to treat these timbers for the beetles? If you think this will […]

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We once again have found metallic wood boring beetles on a strip of wood under our window in our bedroom. We noticed them a few years ago off on and did not know it would be an ongoing issue. I did a little research and discovered the larvae can live 2-5 years in the wood. […]

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Hi, my project is related to an antique wooden icon frame, size 12×16 inch.. I suspect it has powder post beetles living in it. Boracare looks like the ideal treatment as the frame is untreated. I do not need 1gallon of Boracare. Does it come in smaller quantities? Sorry but no, BORACARE does not come […]

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