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I just bought an antique buffet in an antique mall.  It is by far one of the favorite pieces I have collected.  I bought it in May-ish, and it was in the owner’s (of the mall) garage all summer. I do not remember any holes when I bought it and I looked it over pretty […]

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I have a large wooden beverage bar (@7ft tall, 3’3″ wide and 2 foot wide with shelves and an open front with iron-laced doors) that has evidence of the noted beetles (I have powder residue appearing at the glue seams of the piece in a few locations).  One pest control company suggested over the phone […]

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I have been given some rough cut lumber from 2 to 3 thich. This lumber had been piled in an old barn for about 20 years. There is lots of evidence of what I think are powder post beetles. My intent is to lathe turn various articles fron it. Request treatment recommendations. The wood could […]

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I am pretty sure I have powder post beetles in my couch. What is the best way to get rid of them without damaging the fabric. This is a tough one. No doubt fumigation would be the “cleanest” method. But as our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL article explains, this is very expensive and generally not a […]

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I have recently been given some old lumber that was part of the framing structure of a barn. I have various sizes of lumber ranging from 2″x6″ to 6″x6″ and others which I plan to use for furniture and cabinets and such. The wood is filled with beetle holes and I am not sure if […]

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