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We bought some antiques from Europe /somewhere that appeared to have Pbeetles in them. Last year I treated the dresser with BORA-CARE both interior and exterior quite heavily. This spring we have had about 30 of the adults found around it on the floor. Is this because they are dying as they come out or […]

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I think I might have powderpost beetles in my RV. How would I treat my RV and do these things bite humans. First, the easy question to answer: I’m not aware of anyone getting bit by a powderpost beetle. Now could it happen? Most definitely. Adults have chewing mouth parts used to bore their way […]

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I keep finding these large black bugs with long tenticles in my bedroom. My brother made me a homemade log bed about 2 months ago and ever since I set it up these bugs have been present. What do I do how do i get rid of them? Here are some recent photo’s I took. […]

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A client just returned something I framed 3 years ago because she found “sawdust” on the matting.   I opened the backing and found ppbeetles alive and well.   How do I treat the frame?   Will more beetles emerge?   The framed piece is an antique fabric embroidered piece.   Will the beetles harm the fabric?   Will they spread […]

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