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Hello I have been reading about these things and talking to some professionals..I am extremely confused with all this info. I know I have active infestation in my living room, the most recent room we put in hardwood (red oak)…it has concrete under it and no basement for that addition.  I understand that the larvae […]

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Thank-you so much for all your information it has helped so much. We had a guy come from Orkin today to check for us.  We had notice holes in our dresser.  And my husband went under the house and he also saw some holes. The guy said it would cost 4,000 they put a tent […]

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I have powderpost beetles in a newly installed ash wood stairs. The installer has agreed to strip the wood so it can be treated but my exterminator does not guaranty treatment because only the top can be treated and he doesn’t beleive that the chemicals would penetrate more than a 1/4 ” of the one […]

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Hi, I have small holes in my antique furniture. Will your jecta gel do the job? Will it have any effect on the walnut finish? Do I need to use this outside or also inside the furniture??? There are many species of beetles that might find your old furniture appealing. I’m assuming you mean the […]

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i have a new build which contains mainly softwood decor (skirtings, archetrieve staircase ect.) and some oak furniture, however ash tongue and groove doors which i purchased appear to be infested with powder post beetles. i have found both the ‘grubs’ and beetles present. as the rest of the house construction and furniture is of […]

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I have a remodeled home in Atlanta, Ga. I recently noticed gold colored dust piles beneath my white wood beams on my porch. I don’t seen any holes or signs of wood damage but I guess they must be under the wood beam where I see the piles of fine dust material. I did see […]

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Hello, I have some furniture that had wood worms. They are leaving holes. I live in a warm environment. The furniture is a log bed that has polyurethane on it is there any way to save the bed and the other furniture in my home. I am moving soon and need to treat ASAP. What […]

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Hello, 1) I have heavily treated a bunch of roughsawn English Sycamore boards with BoraCare after noticing several small pin holes appearing with fine saw dust, etc.  It has been a week since treating and today I noticed several more holes with saw dust in the boards.  Is this normal? 2) I make musical instruments […]

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We have noticed the powder of adults coming out on the floor around crates in our warehouse. Is boracare the best treatment for us? I have seen various crates, pallets and other storage structures made from wood which get infested with powderpost beetles. This is especially true if your business is importing product from other […]

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