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I have some powder post beetles in an unfinished cherry cupboard type piece of furniture.   It is 55″ high x 34″ wide x 15″ deep.  I want to treat it to kill the beetles and then finish the piece with shellac.  I have some questions: 1.    Am I understanding correctly that Boracare is the product […]

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Thank you for putting so much information on the internet.I am a furniture maker that has been buying wood from a local sawmill and have been very pleased. I am now working with the natural edge of the wood to make some awesome pieces. The problem is the powder post beetle larva has been showing up in a few […]

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Hello, I have about 300-350 bf of hickory that I milled with a bandsaw mill & have air dried for about a year and a half. Boards are 1” to 1½” thick. They still have not been planed, sanded or finished yet. I was wondering if you have a product that will kill the beetles […]

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