Most people fear that termites will infest their home. Yes, its true that termites may find a meal at your house. But they are not the only pests ready to eat the wood used to keep your house together… Powderpost Beetles and other wood eating insects….READ MORE…

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Hi, my project is related to an antique wooden icon frame, size 12×16 inch.. I suspect it has powder post beetles living in it. Boracare looks like the ideal treatment as the frame is untreated. I do not need 1gallon of Boracare. Does it come in smaller quantities?
Sorry but no, BORACARE does not come in anything smaller than a gallon.
Alternatively you can get some PEST STRIPS and fumigate the piece. This process will take 4 weeks but for small pieces, will usually kill all stages. Basically you'll need a plastic bag large enough to fit the frame. Inside the frame you'll place a strip of this product which uses vapona for an active. Vapona will penetrate through the wood and kill off any active stage. Let the bag sit for 4 weeks and afterwards the wood should be purged from all insect activity.
Unfortunately it won't kill the eggs so if you can leave it in the bag for 2 months, that would be best to insure you kill everything. But in general, 4 weeks is usually long enough.
Give us a call if you need more help. Our toll free is 1-800-877-7290 and we're open 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Mon-Thur; 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Friday and 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Saturday, Eastern Standard Time.Jonathan
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We once again have found metallic wood boring beetles on a strip of wood under our window in our bedroom. We noticed them a few years ago off on and did not know it would be an ongoing issue. I did a little research and discovered the larvae can live 2-5 years in the wood. Anyway, I am looking at using BoraCare to get rid of this problem. Do you think it will be safe to put this on our wood in our bedroom?

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I have these beetles in southern yellow pine timbers that frame a door opening inside my house. I finished these timbers with a clear acrylic finish which I have no problem sanding off to remove. If I do that, can I use Borocare to treat these timbers for the beetles? If you think this will work, any advise on sanding or treatment. Thanks.

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Just removed 400 sq ft of engineered wood flooring where the PPB's had devoured the Poplar plywood under the veneer. My questions: Is removing the flooring good enough? What are the chances they are in the house framing etc? The subfloor was "dry deck" wax sprayed T+G plywood. Shows no signs of PPB'S. I want to do everything I can to prevent further problems. Thanks.

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We have found exit holes and sawdust in the door and door frame of our home. We purchased the home new in 2011 so it is only 1.5 to 2 years old. What should we do to ensure that the beetle infestation will not spread in the house if we replace the front door and door frame?

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We have an infestation of Powder Post Beetles in the rafters of our basement root cellar. We need a liquid to spray up into them and it needs to be strong enough to kill them but safe and as non-toxic as possible. What is your recommendation? Thank you for your response.

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Hi – appreciate your web site. It has given me some good ideas.

Is it feasible for me to treat the Redwood shakes on my home for powder post beatles or will I need to contact a professional Pest control company? I live in a very rural area near Eureka Calif. We have 5 acres so no nearby neighbors.

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A tree near our condo complex on Oahu has suddenly become covered with hundreds of quarter-sized, perfectly round holes with a slightly raised edge and it is totally dead in just a few weeks! Unbelievable! What happened and whom do I call to protect other endangered, perhaps, trees! The tree looks like a kakui nut, the state tree. It is in a woods full of grass and trees, uninhabited. Is it a threat to other trees? Could I see a picture or find one, of the perfect quarter-sized holes?

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We have oak hardwood floors, house 24 yrs old, seeing more and more holes in hardwood floor. Looks like a little black hole. Is it a worm or beetle? What is the treatment? Will refinishing solve the problem or does it need to be treated first? What does the worm or beetle look like and can I see them on the floor?

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I am a woodworker and have a shop full of valuable hardwoods, bamboo, ranging from a tree that was cut and milled in June of 2012 to kiln dried wood. I just discovered powderpost beetles in among the bamboo. I have had time to check the rest of my stash, but it would be a major undertaking to inspect it all. I am hoping I can let off a bug bomb of some sort as spraying all my wood storage areas and between the boards would be next to impossible. Is there a bug bomb that would work? What about the beetles that may already be inside the wood?

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How do I treat wood boring bugs in my antique furniture and how do I know if they are in my other furniture?

If you review our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL article, you'll learn all you need to know about this pest and how to treat. There are two products we discuss in our article ideally formulated for furniture.

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I have a piece of furniture that I'm building from old barn timbers and believe I may have a problem with powderpost beetles. I applied a Borax solution to all sides of the timbers prior to construction of the furniture top in effort to kill any insects. I have already applied 5 coats of lacquer to the top of this piece and am suddenly seeing a few borer holes. The underside of this furniture top is still bare wood.

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Our farm has a 200-300 year old bank barn that is in great shape and totally functional. We have approx. 80 head of cattle and store hay, straw,etc. in the top and the animals use the sheds in the lower portion. The problem is the large timbers and logs used are SEVERELY infested with powderpost beetles. These are large logs and timbers approx. 8×8's thru to 12×12 inch in size, plus small for pens,etc. Many with bark. Please inform us on how to approach this major problem before a tractor ends up on the wrong level. Thank you, Rick

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I was very excited to find your site with all of the useful information and plan on buying some products shortly but need to be clear on something.

I have a question about powder post beetles. If a log home has an emergence of powder post beetles and the logs have been sealed with stain or poly, what is the best way of treating this situation or is there nothing you can do?

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I live in Clackamas Oregon and Terminex found in the crawlspace a 2×4 infested with powder post beetles (no other sign other than the one 2×4). They want to charge $4000 for entire house fumigation. YIKES!!

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